2018 Competitions  

As usual with our Spotlight on Technology series of conferences we are having competitions where, you the students of the Diocese can show off your skills and experience to other students, your parents, teachers and the world.

Competition #1 – Robot Swarm

Picture this, you are in the Mars orbiter and need to map out a landing spot. The Australian space agency has given you 3 robots and a radio system. Your mission is to find a way to have the robots remotely explore a region and send back information to make a map of the landing zone.

Tough competition, but if you think you are up for it, form into groups and see what you can do. There is a limit on the number of entries per school.

Go to the Swarm

Competition #2 – Design a Solar Lantern

Earth receives an incredible supply of solar energy.  If we can use this abundant energy source we can play a key role in solving the energy and environmental problems faced by the world.

For years, solar technology has been considered as an expensive alternative, and for base load supplies this is true (but changing). However due to technological advancement, small solar energy based systems are now economically feasible.

In this competition you will be given a kit of parts to create a solar powered lantern. That lantern has been configured to either flash or light solidly. Your job is to assemble the kit and experiment with different kinds of light diffusers to get the best lighting for a small room.

You will need to document what you do, why you chose the diffusers and what sort of tests you did. The best entries will be cheap, reliable, easy to charge and easy to operate.

This comp requires you to do some soldering and glueing but don't let that stop you — we can help if you need it.

Mbot Challenge Grand final to be held at Spotlight18

This year's competition is guaranteed to be bigger and better with a Southern and Northern Regional Round before the Best of the Best battle it out at Spotlight18. So now is the time to plan some lead-up activities for Term 3. Get students developing their digital technology skills through paper coding, unplugged activities and all digital coding platforms before setting them up with their mBots.
Rounds of the 2018 mBot Challenge are set to take place in weeks 8 & 9 of Term 3. The details are on the DOW STEM website available here:  DOW STEM website

There will be a separate form for mBot Team registrations. Team limits may apply depending on interest. So we can make a judgement on the number of teams each school is allowed to enter please fill out the 2018 mBot Challenge Expression of Interest Form.

The three challenges are:

Sumo Stadium – teams have to code their mBot to push an opponent outside a circle. Sensors should be used to assist in detecting opponents and staying on the board.

So You Think Your mBot Can Dance – two part challenge
- code a dance sequence to a chosen song
- teams receive a song and must code a dance in 30mins.

Teams code mBot to navigate through a maze. Maze will be revealed 30 mins prior to coding. Teams will be judged on distance through the maze and time. 

2017 mBot Challenge


Spotlight 18 Logo Competition

The Competition Has some Winners !

A great big thank you to all who participated we have some winners. First overall and first in the secondary prize is Mikayla from Nowra with this entry:

the winner of the primary section is Kya from Dapto with:

Congratulations to all who entered, it was a tough choice. Remember we will produce poster size prints of all entries and display them at the Spotlight18 parent night and conference.