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This competition is open to all teams who register. There will be two divisions Primary and Secondary and the winning entries will be demonstrated at Spotlight18. 


Like the swarm robot team you have arrived at a remote planet but unlike that team find yourself stuck on the planet's surface and find you need a light to work on your escape plans during the night time period. You have a solar lamp kit but need to maximise how much light you can get per charge on to your work area. You need to design a simple effective Solar Lantern that includes:

  1. Solar Charger/Controller
  2. Solar Cell
  3. Rechargeable Battery
  4. Light Diffuser 

Your task

From the materials supplied and any other materials you may gather together (not supplied) work out a way for your Solar Lantern to light a room. You cannot leave the surface until you can plan at night. The Lantern should throw out a good eve night for as long as possible (you will need to measure how long it lasts for on a single charge.

As you are the first explorer to get stuck on this planet you will need to document not only WHAT you did but HOW you did it and most importantly WHY you made the choices you did. 

Your entry will be judged on the quality of your documentation as much as actually creating the LAMP.

Your Supplies

The Australian Space Authority has issued you with:

Item NumberComments
Solar Charge Kir1You will need to assemble and test the kit. Maybe you will need help.
Rechargeable Battery1Do not eat this
Solar Cell1You will need to work out the most efficient way to mount this cell to maximise charging.

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Entries Open :        23rd July 2018

Entries Close :       15th October 2018