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This competition is open to all teams who register. There will be two divisions Primary and Secondary and the winning entries will be demonstrated at Spotlight18. 

There will be a limit of 2 teams per school.


You have arrived at a remote planet but for various reasons cannot get to the planets surface to explore. However you do have a small swarm of robots that can do the exploration for you. 

Your task

From the materials supplied and any other materials you may gather together (not supplied) work out a way for your robot swarm to map a room. You cannot go to the surface so the swarm will have to be either remote controlled or autonomous. They must be started and stopped remotely and send all of their data back to the mothership.
As you are the first explorer to this planet you will need to document not only WHAT you did but HOW you did it and most importantly WHY you made the choices you did. 
Your entry will be judged on the quality of your documentation as much as actually creating the map.

Your Supplies

The Australian Space Authority has issued you with:

Item  Number Comments
Micro:Bits Controller 4 See MicroBIT Doco, includes cables etc
Robo:bit Mk2 Buggy Chassis 3 or equivalent
Batteries 8 Enough for all controllers

Enter the Competition

Helpful Hints:

Your micro:bit has the following physical features:
You will need to break the problem down into smaller components and code and test each component. Then finally you will need to integrate all of these smaller bits into a system.

You need to ask yourself questions like - how will I know how far the bot has travelled? How will I detect a collision? How will I get controls to the swarm and how will they send data to me? 

Entries Open :        23rd July 2018

Entries Close :       15th October 2018