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Full Program


Spotlight 2018 will feature a range of great opportunities including interesting-knowledgeable speakers, teacher and student contributions and wonderful hands-on workshops.


Last time we introduced the mBot robots. See how they have been used in the classroom to teach basic coding, hone competitive spirits and engage students.


Want to code? Do art? create a history walk?
Learn how to use the incredible BBC Micro:bit platform in your subject area. There will be hands on spaces to practice what you lean in the master classes.

Practical Laser Cutting

See how to use inexpensive (and expensive) laser cutters in classroom use. Use the cutter in art class or for geographical modelling. Win a Darkley Labs EMBLASER laser cutter for your school.

Program Structure

This year Spotlight will focus on practical way to use technology in the classroom with an emphasis on techniques and programs that have worked. 
To do this there will be a series of master classes presented by educators who have actually used the material and techniques presented. 

At the same time there will be hands on maker space type areas where people can try out or practice what they see. Interspersed with these masterclasses will be keynote addresses designed to inspire and encourage technology in education.

Remember Spotlight is about technology in education — not just science and technology. See how to use technology in Art, History, Geography English and other traditional non technology subjects.

Program for Wednesday 24th October
Special Parents Evening

Program for Thursday 25th October

Thursday Program

Session Information

Day 1 - Workshop 2Thursday 2:30
Fitzroy (Main) 1a) Ethics and Humanities in Information Technology – Brad Herdson
Fitzroy (Main) 2a) Implementing a STEM Unit, Stage 4 – Danny Avalos/
Fitzroy (Main 3)a) The Importance and Relevance of Libraries and Reading – Jim Gallagher
LauchlanVEX Robotics IQ Session – Lael Grant (Barker College)
MacquarieLearn to Code with iPad in the Stage 3 Classroom – Glen Storey (Apple)
Cube 1Aeronautical Velocity Challenge – Building and flying your aeroplane – Mark Woolley
Cube 2Creativity with iPad – Jim Hayden (Apple) (Repeat)
Cube 3What’s New with Deploying Apple in Education – Andy Cox
Cube 4Project Based Learning – Emma Mansbridge
BThursday 3:00
Fitzroy (Main) 1b) Blended Online Learning in VET – Christina Fraser
Fitzroy (Main) 2b) Google Chromebooks — is this a way to create focused learning? – Frank Sirianni (ERC)

Program for Friday 26th October

Friday Program

Session Information

Day 2 - Workshop 3Friday 9:00
Fitzroy (Main) 1Building Teacher Capacity with Integrating Innovation – Carroll Hatfield
Fitzroy (Main) 2Technology in Townsville – Tim Ham
Fitzroy (Main) 3Technology in Townsville – Cameron Dribbus
LachlanZOOM — our new Video Conference System – Alan Ibbett
MacquarieInnovative Teaching Practices using Technology – Danny Avalos
Cube 1Introducing Primary Children to the Digital World – AusSTEM
Cube 2School Wide Literacy Program – Chris Dyson
Cube 3What’s New with Deploying Apple in Education – Andy Cox (Apple) (Repeat)
Cube 4Learn to Code with iPad in the Early Years – Glen Storey (Apple)

Student Panel

Students talk about where they see technology in education and what is important to them. Take the opportunity to listen and interact with dynamic engaged kids.

Cyber Safety

What can we do to ensure our students are safe on line? What are the risks? How do I identify them and mitigate against them? This discussion group will explore all of these issues and present strategies that can help.

Vendor Meetings 

At these sessions meet people are changing the industry. Have a discussion with Marcus from Little Bird Electronics or Jacques from matrix CNI and see what is coming down the pipe line and how you can use it.

Conference Dinner

On Day 1 you are welcome to join us for the traditional Spotlight conference dinner. This year we have a special guest from western Sydney University to discuss astronomy and the night sky.